Fortran Specialist Group

Fifty Years of Fortran

Meeting organised jointly by the Fortran Specialist Group and the Computer Conservation Society

11.00 a.m. Thursday 25th January, 2007
BCS London Office,
First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA


10.30 Coffee
  Morning Session - Chairman Roger Johnson, Chairman Computer Conservation Society
11.00 Welcome and Introduction
    Roger Johnson
11.05 The Origins of FORTRAN (available as 2.48MB .ppt file or 3.83MB PDF file)
    Including the 25th Anniversary celebrations in 1982 and followed by a screening of the IBM film of interviews with John Backus and colleagues - Peter Crouch, Chairman Fortran Specialist Group

An article based on this presentation has been published in the Computer Conservation Society's Resurrection magazine. A bibliography for the article is available on the Contributions page
11.30 Early Experiences and Use of FORTRAN
    Bugs I Have Known and Loved - Ron Bell, AWE Aldermaston (available as 94KB .ppt file or 635KB PDF file)

Using the first KDF9 FORTRAN compiler to implement APT in 1965-6 - Miles Ellis, former Convenor ISO Fortran Working Group (available as 57KB .ppt file or 93KB PDF file)

Early experiences with FORTRAN I on IBM 704 computers in Paris, Dusseldorf, Risley and The Hague - 1959 to 1964 - Bill Olle (available as 222KB .ppt file or 724KB PDF file)

FORTRAN versus Algol - David Hill, formerly MRC
    Written Contributions and Further Information
12.30 The background to the long gap between the 1977 and 1990 standards
    The Standards Hiatus - Miles Ellis, former Convenor ISO Fortran Working Group and Lawrie Schonfelder, Liverpool University (available as 69KB .ppt file or 1.72MB PDF file)
  Another view - from the 1990s
    The Fortran (not the foresight) saga: the light and the dark - the late Brian Meek, King's College, London
13.00 Lunch
  Afternoon Session - Chairman Peter Crouch
14.00 Implementing the Standards - including Fortran 2003
    Malcolm Cohen, Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
14.30 Fortran Today - some current applications for Fortran
    Fortran - Alive and Well at AWE - Ron Bell, AWE Aldermaston (available as 87KB .ppt file or 499KB PDF file)

The Met Office climate model HadSM3 and - Michael Saunby, Met Office's Hadley Centre for Climate Change (available as 3.77MB .ppt file or 1.14MB .PDF file)
15.15 Tea break
15.30 The Future for Fortran - the current and next versions of the ISO standard
    The new features of Fortran 2003 - David Muxworthy, BSI Fortran Convenor (available as 667KB .ppt file or 483KB PDF file)

What will be in Fortran 2008 - John Reid, Convenor ISO Fortran Working Group
16.00 Questions and Discussion
16.30 Close
  Photos taken at the meeting are available courtesy of Jane Sleightholme and John Reid
  David Muxworthy wrote a report of the meeting which was published in Fortran Forum, Vol 26, No 1, April 2007.
  See here for written contributions to the meeting and further information

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Peter Crouch, Chairman and Web Editor, Fortran SG.

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