Fortran Specialist Group

Written Contributions to "Fifty Years of Fortran" Meeting

Held on Thursday 25th January, 2007 at BCS London Office,
First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA

My early FORTRAN experience - David Muxworthy, BSI Fortran Convenor

The First Two Decades, An Overview of the Activities of the FSG, 1970-1990 - David Muxworthy, BSI Fortran Convenor

A Review of Some Dialects of FORTRAN - David Muxworthy and Brian Shearing, 2nd Edition, August 1970

Following by chance in the Masters' foot prints - T.L. van Raalte, formerly AWE Blacknest

GEDESS: A Series of Computer Programs (FORTRAN) for Deriving Information at Selected Recording Sites for Signals from Known (Seismic) Hypocentres - John Young, International Seismological Centre

A Chronology of Programs Using Command Line Instructions - John Young, International Seismological Centre

Some Early UK FORTRAN Compilers - Brian Chapman, formerly AWRE Harwell

Forty Years Ago with Fortran IV - John Lyon, formerly Boeing Seattle

My FORTRAN Experiences - Josef Illes

My comments on FORTRAN versus Algol - Josef Illes

My comments on FORTRAN versus Algol - Peter Crouch, Chairman Fortran SG

Further Information relating to "Fifty Years of Fortran" Meeting

Stanley Hagstrom, Franklin Prosser, Stephen Young, Indiana University FASTRAN (FAST FORTRAN II) compiler Research Computing Center, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1964

J. W. Backus, F. L. Bauer, J. Green, C. Katz, J. McCarthy, A. J. Perlis, H. Rutishauser, K. Samelson, B. Vauquois, J. H. Wegstein, A. van Wijngaarden, M. Woodger, P. Naur, Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 60, originally published in Communications of the ACM, Volume 6 Number 1, pages 1-17, January 1963

History of ALGOL - compiled by Paul McJones at the Computer History Museum (added October 2011)

Software Pioneer Peter Naur Wins ACM's Turing Award - ACM MemberNet, Volume 5 Number 1, March 2006

S. F. Mendicino, R. A. Hughes, J. T. Martin, F. H. McMahon, J. E. Ranelletti, R. G. Zwakenberg,
The LRLTRAN compiler Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Livermore, 1968 (added December 2012)

An Interview with Sam Mendicino - July 1996 (added December 2012)

The 50th Anniversary of the Atlas computer - Manchester, December 2012 (added December 2012)

Peter Crouch, The Origins of FORTRAN, Resurrection, Number 41, pages 23-33, Autumn 2007
J.W. Backus, R.J. Beeber, S. Best, R. Goldberg, L.M. Haibt, H.L. Herrick, R.A. Nelson, D. Sayre, P.B. Sheridan, H.J. Stern, I. Ziller, R.A. Hughes, R. Nutt, The FORTRAN automatic coding system, Proceedings Western Joint Computer Conference, Los Angeles, California, pages 188-198, February 1957
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J.A.N. Lee and H.S. Tropp, Editors, Special Issue - FORTRAN's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, Annals of the History of Computing, Volume 6 Number 1, January 1984
M.R. Adamson, Harvard Lomax (1922-1999), IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Volume 27 Number 3, pages 98-102, July-September 2005

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