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List of FORTRAN Implementations 1957 - 1967

Date Name Machine Author(s) Location
1954-57 FORTRAN (0&I) IBM 704 Backus et al. a IBM
1957 FORTRANSIT IBM 650 Bemer, Alexander, Pessin, Hemmes, May IBM
1958 650 FORTRAN IBM 650 Pessin, Wu IBM
1958 FORTRAN IBM 709 b IBM
1958 FORTRAN II IBM 704 Backus et al.; Mitchell, Sheridan, Brady, May IBM
1958 FORTRAN III IBM 704 Ziller, Nelson IBM
1960 FORTRAN IBM 1620 Laffan IBM
1960 ALTAC Philco 2000 Rosen, Goldberg Philco
1960 FORTRAN IBM 7070 Alexander et al. IBM
1960 FORTRAN IBM 705 Brittenham, Horning, Kuss, Matheny, Miller, Seldon, Williams IBM/GUIDE
1960 FORTRAN CDC 1604 Cray CDC
1960 Honeywell Algebraic Compiler ? Opler CUC
1961 FORGO IBM 1620 Davidson, McClure Wisconsin
1961 FORTRAN H-290 Hankins HIS
1961 GOTRAN IBM 1620 Laffin, Resta IBM
1961 Automath-800 H-800 Opler, King, O'Conner, Beeber, Hopkins, Brestwick CUC
1961 FORTRAN I UNIVAC ? c Remington-Rand
1961 FORTRAN II LARC CSC Remington-Rand
1961 UT FORTRAN IBM 1620 Lee, Field Toronto
1961 AFIT FORTRAN IBM 1620 Pratt Wright Patterson AFB
1961 1401 FORTRAN IBM 1401 Haines et al. IBM
1961 FORTRAN B5000 ? Burroughs
1961 FORTRAN IV IBM 7090/4 Larner IBM
1961 FORTRAN II RCA 301 Hux et al. RCA
1962 FORTRAN IV IBM 7040/4 Medlock IBM
1962 FORTRAN II Univac LARC Erdwinn, Ferguson, Gatt, Malenkoff, Nutt, Richards CSC
1962 Automath-400 H-400 Boris and Cahill HIS
1962 FORTRAN II RCA 301 Hux et al. RCA
1963 FORTRAN IV Univac 1107 d Anderson, England, Erdwinn, Ferguson, Gatt, Kinney, Martin, Nutt, Perrine CSC
1963 FORTRAN IV UNIVAC III Balke, Harkins, Nutt, Peterson, van der Wouw CSC
1963 Automath-1800 H-800/1800 Chang HIS
1963 Automath-1400 H-1400 Roth CDC
1963 FORTRAN CDC 160A Neuhaus CDC
1963 FORTRAN S1 IBM 7030 (Stretch) Glennie UKAEA (AWRE)
1963 FORTRAN IV IBM 7030 (Stretch) Bishop, Webster IBM
1963 KINGSTRAN IBM 1620 Field, Jardine, Lee, Lee, Robinson Kingston, Ont.
1963 FORTRAN II ? F Longstaff, V Taylor and J McSherry i Ferranti Packard, Toronto Canada
1964 FORTRAN S2 IBM 7030 (Stretch) Glennie UKAEA (AWRE)
1964 FORTRAN IV Philco 2000 Brown, Rice, Richards, Sidrane CSC
1964 Atlas Fortran Atlas (Ferranti) Pyle, Stokoe, Fossey, Chapman, Bryant, Hopgood, Trice g UKAEA (AERE)
1964 FORTRAN Orion (Ferranti) Taylor, Harrigan Rutherford Lab. (UK)
1964 FORTRAN SDS910 Dunlap, Ryan Digitek
1964 FORTRAN CDC 3000L Schumacher CDC
1964 FORTRAN CDC 3600 Tiede CDC
1964 Fast FORTRAN CDC 3600 ? Mich. State
1964 FORTRAN II RCA 3301 Hux et al. RCA
1964 FORTRAN IV RCA 601 Best Decision Systems
1964 FASTRAN IBM 709/7090/7094 Hagstrom, Prosser, Young e Indiana
1965 PUFFT IBM 7094 Rosen et al. Purdue
1965 FORTRAN IV IBM 7030 (Stretch) Macintosh, Matheny, McPherson, Peterson, Sexton, Stephens CSC
1965 FORTRAN V Univac 1108 Hall, Macintosh, Matheny, Perrine, Stephens, White CSC
1965 FORTRAN S3 Atlas 2 (Ferranti) Glennie UKAEA (AWRE)
1965 FORTRAN 0 H-200 Hawkes HIS
1965 GE FORTRAN GE 235 ? GE
1965 EGTRAN KDF9 Burns, Hawkins, Judd, Venn f English Electric-Leo-Marconi
1965 LRLTRAN IBM 7090/CDC 3600 Mendicino et al. g LRL
1965 FORTRAN IV ICT 1900 series V Taylor et al. f,h ICT
1966 FORTRAN IV SDS 9300 Owens, Hartman SDS
1966 FORTRAN H S/360 Holliday et al. IBM
1966 FORTRAN H H-1200/2200 Shy, Gintall HIS
1966 COS FORTRAN CDC 6600 McCrossen CDC
1966 FORTRAN J H-4200 Shy, Freiburghouse HIS
1966 4K FORTRAN PDP-8 ? j DEC
1966 FORTRAN IV RCA Spectra Moshos RCA
1967 DITRAN CDC 1604$ Moulton, Muller Wisconsin
1967 FORTRAN IV Philips Erdwinn, Klunder, van der Wouw Philips/Apeldoorn
1967 FORTRAN IV S/360-67 Drusts, Rice, Sidrane, Smith, Swift, Wakino CSC
1967 FORTRAN T3 Titan (Atlas 2, Ferranti) Larmouth Cambridge Univ.
1967 FORTRAN G S/360 ? Digitek
(DOS version)
S/360 ? Digitek
1967 MOD 8 FORTRAN H-8200 Jackson et al. HIS
1967 WATFOR S/360 Shantz et al. Waterloo


AWRE Atomic Weapons Research Establishment
CDC Control Data Corporation
CSC Computer Sciences Corporation
CUC Computer Usage Corporation
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
HIS Honeywell Information Systems
ICT International Computers and Tabulators
LRL Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, University of California
RCA Radio Corporation of America
SDS Scientific Data Systems
UKAEA United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

J. E. Sammet, Programming Languages, New York: Prentice-Hall, 1969; memory; private correspondence; extensive research by Daniel Leeson (IBM), Brian Chapman (UKAEA), Roy Nutt (CSC), Martin Greenfield (HIS), and Millie Price and Richard Ragan (CDC).

a The designation Backus et al. indicates the group identified in the 1957 WJCC paper's author list.

b Officially (from IBM files), this work was a straight conversion from the 704 implementation done by the Backus group. Medlock (private correspondence) attributes the management of this work to Harry Bekish.

c A question mark indicates that the information is unknown. Readers are invited to correct and/or update the list.

d Also later implemented on the Burroughs 5500, CDC 3600, and Univac 1108.

e Added in 2007 following personal communication from Stanley Hagstrom (PCC).

f Added in 2010 following discussions on UK Fortran mailing list (PCC).

g Added in 2012 following personal communications from Ian Pyle (PCC).

h Updated in 2017 following personal communication from Vincent Taylor (PCC).

i Added in 2017 following personal communication from Vincent Taylor (PCC).

j Added in 2017 following personal communication from John Savard (PCC).

IEEE Digital Library

Based on pages 10-11 of Annals of the History of Computing, Volume 6, Number 1, January 1984

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