Web Editor's Report June 2009

I am pleased to tell you that once again BCS HQ have not required any changes to the layout of the Group's web pages during this session. However, in February this year I attended a meeting of Branch and SG webmasters at the BCS offices in Swindon at which we were given some information on the Society's Web vision and strategy. This included an outline of the developments which were planned for the next 12 months.

The first release of the new BCS web site is planned for September 2009 and will include facilities for an online professional network targeted and specific to the BCS community. For member group web sites it is planned to provide centrally controlled design templates and access to a central content management system to provide consistency of design, structure, user experience and quality. The timescale for this still had to be determined. A few groups will be given the opportunity to be guinea pigs for the new system.

Since the meeting I have not heard any more but I would be willing to put the FSG site forward as a trial case, if the rest of the Committee is agreeable to it.

Back on routine matters, I updated the site following the 2008 AGM with the documents presented at the meeting and the minutes. Thanks to the help of John Reid I finally received copies of the presentations on Fortran given at the Supercomputing 07 conference held in Reno in November 2007. I was able to add them to the "Fortran in 2007" page which I had created to link together all the Fortran-related events which took place during 2007, see www.fortran.bcs.org/2007/jubileevents.php. I was also pleased to receive the last two presentations which had been given at our January 2007 event and which I put on the website to complete the information available from www.fortran.bcs.org/2007/jubileeprog.php.

Earlier this year I updated the membership page, at www.fortran.bcs.org/members.php, in response to a request from BCS HQ because of some changes which had been made to the "Join BCS" part of the BCS website.

More recently I have put up the agenda for this meeting, see www.fortran.bcs.org/2009/agenda09.php.

By my calculation we now have over 900 files on the BCS server, before this year's AGM reports and documents are added.

As ever my thanks goes to all the contributors to the Fortran SG site who have provided me with files which needed only a minimum of work to make them suitable to go onto the Web. Also I must thank Carl Harris and Susannah Rogers at BCS HQ for their assistance when I have any queries and for providing me with a steady stream of monthly statistics which I have yet to put on the web despite several years of talking about it!

Peter Crouch
10th June 2009

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