Web Editor's Report June 2008

I am pleased to tell you that BCS HQ have not required any changes to the layout of the Group's web pages during this session.

As in past years I updated the site following the 2007 AGM with the documents presented at the meeting and the minutes. Also, as a continuation of the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Fortran's release I created a "Fortran in 2007" page which has links to our January 2007 meeting and other Fortran-related events which took place during the year. These included the ISO WG5 meeting held in the BCS London offices in August 2007 and the Group's reception for the delegates and partners. Thank you, Jane, for taking all the photos and John and Alison for hosting them.

Also I moved the links to obituaries of John Backus to a new page and linked it to the "Fortran in 2007" page. Paul McJones of the Computer History Museum sent me a photograph of John taken in 2004 which I have included on the new page.

Since the start of 2008 I have twice updated the membership page in response to requests from BCS HQ relating to the campaign to get all members of SGs to become BCS members, as described in more detail in my Membership Secretary's report.

Earlier this year I added a "Fortran resources" page to the site, hoping that it would make the Group's pages more than just a record of our activities. I have tried to keep the number of entries in each category to around half a dozen but if anyone thinks I have missed an important resource please let me know.

More recently I have been adding pages relating to the 2008 AGM and the following presentations and discussions which are linked from the AGM agenda.

By my calculation we have almost 900 files on the BCS server at present, before most of this year's AGM reports and documents are added.

As ever my thanks goes to all the contributors to the Fortran SG site who have provided me with files which needed only a minimum of work to make them suitable to go onto the Web. Also I must thank Carl Harris and Susannah Rogers at BCS HQ for their assistance when I have any queries and for providing me with a steady stream of monthly statistics which I have yet to put on the web despite several years of talking about it!

Peter Crouch
9th June 2008

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