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September 2017


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A selection of open source or free Fortran compilers and tools

  • GNU gfortran - Fortran 95 + most of Fortran 2003 and 2008 and some of the proposed Fortran 2015 features
  • GNU g77 - Fortran 77 - no longer being developed
  • g95 - branch from gfortran - Fortran 95 + many Fortran 2003 features
  • F - a highly regular subset of Fortran 95 - good introduction to modern Fortran
  • Minimalist GUI for Windows (MinGW) - package to enable above compilers to run under Microsoft Windows
  • DISLIN - high-level Fortran-callable plotting library for displaying data as curves, graphs, charts, plots, surfaces and maps
  • Some commercial compilers are available free of charge for non-commercial use, some are listed here and others can be found in the links below

A selection of suppliers of commercial Fortran compilers, libraries and tools

A selection of providers of Fortran training and consultancy

A selection of other Fortran online resources - some overlap is likely

The history and development of Fortran

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