Fortran Specialist Group AGM 2008 Agenda

Annual General Meeting 2008

11.00 a.m. Thursday 12th June, 2008
BCS London Office,
First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA


10.30 Coffee
11.00 AGM Business
(i) Apologies for absence
(ii) Minutes of the previous AGM (14th June 2007)
(iii) Matters arising
(iv) Chairman's report
(v) Treasurer's report
SG Development Fund report
(vi) Membership Secretary's report
(vii) Web Editor's report
(viii) Adoption of SG Model Constitution
(ix) Election of Officers
(nominations, including the name of proposer and seconder, may be made to the Secretary before the meeting or may be made at the meeting itself)
(x) Future activities for the Group
including discussion of possible 'Outreach' events
(xi) Any other business
12.30 Lunch
(For any latecomers - this will probably be at The Coal Hole in the Strand, directly opposite Southampton Street)
14.00 Multicore Processors - the end of programming as we know it?
  Peter Dzwig, Partner, Concertant LLP

Peter will speak about multi-core processors, looking at the broader, and perhaps longer-term, issues in relation to programming them in any language, not just Fortran.
He is a Partner at Concertant LLP, who are a specialist consultancy in multi-core processing, and is also a member of the BCS Parallel Processing SG.
He was Chief Executive of OneEighty Software, Visiting Professor of Computer Science at KCL, Honorary Senior Fellow in Dept of Computer Science at QMW, Director of the London Parallel Applications Centre (LPAC) and a founder of Parallel Computing hardware manufacturer Parsys.
He started in scientific computing in the mid-70s having built his first hardware in 1970. He has worked in areas from Solid State Physics to Markets Analysis, via oceanography and geophysical data analysis. He has been involved in parallel systems since the mid-80s. His principal interests lie in all applications of parallel computing on multi-cores, particularly the solution of physical problems.

14:45 Tea break
15.00 The new features of Fortran 2008
  John Reid, ISO WG5 convenor

John will summarize the new features of the draft Fortran 2008 standard (ISO/IEC 2008). He will take as his starting point Fortran 2003 (ISO/IEC 2003).
An official extension for enhanced module facilities has been published as a Type 2 Technical Report (ISO/IEC 2005) and WG5 is committed to include this in Fortran 2008.
The major proposed extension consists of coarrays for parallel computing.

15.30 Discussion of the Committee Draft of the proposed revised Fortran standard (Fortran 2008)
  Led by David Muxworthy, BSI Fortran convenor

Here is David's summary of the afternoon's discussions

The Committee Draft of the proposed revised Fortran standard (Fortran 2008) has been available for public comment since late March. The document is available as a 7.8Mb PDF file and is also available from the J3 website.

Formal balloting is via the member bodies of ISO. FSG members in the UK have already been invited to contribute to the BSI vote by sending comments to the BSI Fortran convenor and this is an opportunity for comments to be made in person.

If you are unable to attend this meeting material for the UK ballot should be sent as soon as possible and should arrive no later than Sunday 13 July 2008. Contributors are welcome to comment more than once; it is preferable for the BSI Fortran panel to receive a number of small messages throughout the comment period than to receive a few large messages at the end of it. Please use plain ascii rather than formatted text. Suggestions for changes must include proposed replacement text.

Members outside the UK should submit comments through their own standards body. A full list of JTC1/SC22 members is available on the ISO website.

16.30 Close

Comments on this or any other of the Group's pages should be sent by email to the FSG Web Editor.
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