Fortran Specialist Group

Fortran Specialist Group AGM 2007 Agenda

Annual General Meeting 2007

11.00 a.m. Thursday 14th June, 2007
BCS London Office,
First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA

(nearest Underground stations: Charing Cross, Covent Garden,
Embankment and Leicester Square)


10.30 Coffee
11.00 AGM Business
(i) Apologies for absence
(ii) Minutes of the previous AGM (8th June 2006)
(iii) Matters arising
(iv) Chairman's report
(v) Treasurer's report
SG Development Fund report
(vi) Membership report
(vii) Web Editor's report
(viii) Election of Officers
(nominations, including the name of proposer and seconder, may be made to the secretary before the meeting or may be made at the meeting itself)
(ix) Future activities for the Group
(x) Any other business
(xi) Date of the 2008 AGM
12.30 Lunch
(For any latecomers - this will probably be at The Coal Hole in the Strand, directly opposite Southampton Street)

Non-members of the Fortran SG are very welcome to attend the afternoon presentations and discussions

14.00 IBM's first FORTRAN film - made in Poughkeepsie around 1958

It shows how FORTRAN could used to program the calculation of compound interest.

14.20 The content of the draft of the next Fortran standard
  John Reid, ISO WG5 convenor

John will summarize the contents of the draft. Although it was planned to be a minor revision, it actually contains four substantial new features: enhanced module facilities, co-arrays, BITS, and macros, as well as many small extensions.

14.40 Discussion paper on the draft of the next Fortran standard
  David Muxworthy, BSI Fortran convenor

David's paper will be an introduction to the following discussion of the draft. See also his paper on BITS.

15.00 Tea break
15.15 Discussion of the draft of the next Fortran standard
  David Muxworthy, BSI Fortran convenor

David will lead a discussion of the draft standard, to help form the UK position at the meeting of WG5 in London, 6-10 August. Concern has been expressed about the emphasis on the new standard while there are still no compilers available for the Fortran 2003 standard.

Discussion on the points outlined in the above papers, and on any related topic, will be most welcome. For those unable to attend, Fortran SG members may use the discussion area in the Fortran Members part of the BCS Secure Area website, (log in or register and follow the links for Fortran Members then Discussion Area). Contributions by e-mail, to, are also welcome. The deadline for comments is 6th July 2007.

16.30 Close

Links to further information

David Muxworthy's summary of the discussion on the afternoon of 14th June.

The initial requirements for development of the language are shown in more detail in WG5 document N1649 at

The development status of each item is in J3 document 010 at; the references in the tables in 010 are to documents in the J3 repository, which is at

The complete working draft of the revised standard, which varies from meeting to meeting, is at the time of writing at (or

Following the changes made at the recent J3 meeting, John has updated his summary of co-arrays. The new version is available at .

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