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Web Editor's Report 2006-07

Despite my comments in my report to last year's AGM so far the changes to the main BCS website in 2006 have not required any changes to the layout of the Group's pages on the Web during this session. However the hosting arrangements did change in August 2006 but the changeover was painless for me as all our current files were moved to the new host by the HQ web team and I have had no problems with putting files onto the new server.

As in past years I updated the site following the AGM with the documents presented at the meeting and the minutes. But my major activity between November 2006 and March 2007 was maintaining the pages relating to the Golden Jubilee meeting, "Fifty Years of Fortran", which was held at the end of January. The presentations and other contributions are linked from the programme page.

I incorporated the BCS 50th anniversary logo into the heading of pages relating to our 2007 activities and after some adjustments obtained approval from BCS HQ for my usage on the Group website.

As I mentioned in my Chairman's report, in March and April I put links to obituaries of John Backus onto the Group's home page. (Now on a separate page)

More recently I have been adding pages relating to the AGM and the following discussions which are linked from the AGM agenda.

By my calculation we have 650 files on the BCS server at present, before most of the AGM reports and documents are added.

My thanks goes to all the contributors to the Fortran SG site who have provided me with files which needed only a minimum of work to make them suitable to go onto the Web. Also I must thank Carl Harris and Susannah Rogers at BCS HQ for their assistance when I have any queries and for providing me with a steady stream of monthly statistics which I have yet to put on the web despite several years of talking about it!

Peter Crouch
13th June 2007

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