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Fortran SG Reception for WG5 Delegates

WG5 delegates, partners and FSG committee members at the reception in The Weston Room at King's College Maughan Library & Information Services Centre on the evening of Monday 6 August 2007.

WG5 delegates at reception

Click on the picture to see all the photographs taken at the reception at a higher resolution (1600 x 1200) and more taken on a boat trip down the Thames later in the week.

Front from left: Jim Xia, Christian Gonzalez, Aleks Donev, Jeanne Martin, Lawrie Schonfelder, Malcolm Cohen, Van Snyder (behind), Yoko Takata, Makki Takata (behind), Thuy Snyder, Alison Reid, Shivaram Rao, Steve Morgan (behind);

Middle Row: Greg Colyer, Dick Hendrickson (with beard), Michael Ingrassia, Ian Chivers, John Reid, Tim Snyder;

Back Row: Bill Long, Toon Moene, David Muxworthy, Peter Crouch, Dan Nagle, John Young.

Photographs courtesy of Jane Sleightholme and John Reid.

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