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WG5 Meeting and Fortran SG Reception for Delegates

Between Monday 6 August and Friday 10 August 2007 the BCS London offices played host to a meeting of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5 Fortran committee on behalf of the British Standards Institution. A total of 18 delegates attended, representing the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, USA and UK. The minutes of the meeting are available online.

WG5 delegates at reception On the Monday evening the Fortran SG hosted a reception for the delegates in The Weston Room at King's College Maughan Library & Information Services Centre, Chancery Lane, London WC2, which was attended by 26 delegates, partners and FSG committee members. In addition to a buffet and drinks delegates had the opportunity to take guided tours round the historic building, which was formerly the Victorian Public Records Office.

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WG5 delegates at reception The smooth running of both the meeting and the reception were due to the combined efforts of the BCS staff, particularly in the London office, and members of the FSG committee, particularly Jane Sleightholme and Ian Chivers. Messages of thanks were received after the event from the heads of the US, Dutch and UK delegations and the chairman of WG5 itself.

Photographs courtesy of Jane Sleightholme.

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