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The Fortran Specialist Group

The BCS Fortran Specialist Group was formed in 1970 and members, of which there are now about 230, have closely followed Fortran developments continuously since then. Many members indeed have themselves been instrumental in guiding and participating in the developments.

In more recent years much of the discussion and dissemination of information which took place at FSG meetings during the 1970s and 1980s has been superseded by electronic communication and the FSG has concentrated on organizing or co-sponsoring special events. For example it took part in the Fortran Futures 96 and Fortran Futures 98 events at Heathrow organized by NAG and Visual Numerics and it has organized this event.

The group does however hold at least one meeting each year, the annual general meeting, which is typically held in May or June at the BCS London Office. This gives an opportunity to meet other members of the group, to listen to presentations on aspects of Fortran and to discuss Fortran matters. We are always looking for new ideas on ways to promote Fortran.

I would draw your attention to the group's web pages (http://www.fortran.bcs.org/) which give further information on the group and which amongst other things have links to pages giving an overview of standardization progress in the past six years.

To join the Group please contact the Specialist Groups Liaison Officer or simply come along to one of our meetings.

To join the comp-fortran-90 discussion list, hosted by JISCmail, see here. There is also active discussion of Fortran matters on the comp.lang.fortran newsgroup.

Please contact me if you need any further information.

David Muxworthy,
Vice-Chairman, BCS Fortran Specialist Group

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