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The draft revised Fortran Standard

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David Muxworthy,Edinburgh University
Convener, BSI Fortran Panel


The official Committee Draft for public comment can be downloaded as a 563 page PDF file.

The J3 version, which is identical except for the title page and the page headers and footers, is additionally available in text and Postscript versions by FTP.

Lawrie Schonfelder has added bookmarks for the main section headings to the PDF version, making it far easier to manipulate on screen, and has offered his version for general use.


John Reid has written an informal description of the new features (31 pages) which is available by FTP in PDF or gz compressed Postscript formats.

A very short abstract of the revision, which lists the major enhancements, is also available by FTP as a text file.


Comments are submitted, using ISO procedures, on a country by country basis. The BSI Fortran panel will review comments from the public and will form the recommendation for the UK vote for approval and forwarding by the BSI Programming Languages Committee. Please send comments to David Muxworthy, preferably in plain text or in HTML if formatting is necessary, to arrive by close of play on Friday 29 November 2002.

Comments from the US should be sent to Deborah Donovan. Comments from other countries should be sent via the relevant national standards body.


WG5 website: http://www.nag.co.uk/sc22wg5/
J3 website: http://www.j3-fortran.org/
FSG website: http://www.fortran.bcs.org/

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