Fortran Specialist Group Annual General Meeting 2020

10.00 a.m. Thursday 24th September 2020
Meeting will be held online. (registration details below)

Annual General Meeting 2020


AGM Business
  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the previous AGM (24th September 2019)
  3. Matters arising
  4. Chairman's report
  5. Treasurer's report
    SG Development Fund report
  6. Membership Secretary's report
  7. Web Editor's report
  8. Election of Officers and Committee members
    (The following is taken from the Fortran SG Constitution:
    The name of any member accepting nomination for election or re-election as an Officer or as a Committee member shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary 7 clear days prior to the date of the AGM by two members of the Group with the written consent of the nominee.
    "In writing" applies equally to email or paper copy.)
  9. Future activities for the Group
  10. Any other business
  11. Date of next meeting


Joint meeting with Computational Physics Group of Institute of Physics

Afternoon presentations
Replacing Common Extensions in Production Codes with standard Fortran (and C)(498KB PDF)
Anton Shterenlikht & Harvey Richardson, HPE

Despite 50 years of efforts to increase portability of Fortran codes via standard conformance, there are still many production codes which rely on non-standard extensions.
This talk will show examples of extensions found in production codes in 2020, explain and illuminate numerous problems caused by using extensions, and demonstrate how all such code can be changed to standard-conforming Fortran (in some cases, standard conforming C). Many fixes are simple and easy to apply, while other solutions demand thorough analysis of the underlying algorithm to be correct.

Tracking Compiler Standards Compliance
Ian Chivers, Rhymey Consulting and Jane Sleightholme, Fortranplus

The talk is in two parts. The first looks at the time delay between the publication of the Fortran 77, 90 and 95 standards and the availability of standard conformant compilers.
The second part of the talk looks at the time delay between the publication of the Fortran 2003, 2008 and 2018 standards and the availability of standard conformant compilers.
Because of the widespread differences in conformance from Fortran 2003 onward we started maintaining tables that documented standard conformance.
There are two generations of tables. The first Generation of tables looks at Fortran 2003 and 2008 conformance. The second looks at Fortran 2008 and 2018 conformance.

50th anniversary of the formation of the FSG (511KB pdf)
David Muxworthy, FSG Archivist

It is the 50th anniversary of the Fortran Specialist Group. This talk describes the impetus leading to the formation of the group in 1970 and then briefly reviews group activities in the intervening period.

Transition of the FSG to the Scientific & Engineering Computing SG
John Pelan, FSG Chair

At the 2019 AGM, there was a motion to officially expand the remit of the group from Fortran to include all matters relating to Scientific & Engineering Computing. This presentation will give more details on this transformation.

Slot for end of meeting discussion if required




All current Fortran SG members are welcome to attend the AGM. The afternoon presentations are open to all, including non-BCS members.
The AGM meeting will be held via Zoom and the registration link can be obtained from the committee.
The afternoon session will be run via GoToMeeting, please register at this link.

Comments on this or any other of the Group's pages should be sent by email to the FSG Web Editor.
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