ISO Convenor's notes

Prepared for the BCS Fortran Specialist Group AGM, May 2000

Revisions of

are all going ahead smoothly and are in their final stages.

There is more activity at last on interpretations of the current standard (Fortran 95). Malcolm Cohen has constructed the J3 standing document (006), which contains all requests and draft responses. This is available as N1383 on the WG5 www repository. 14 draft responses are being mail-balloted by J3 now, and I have written 5 more drafts for the next J3 meeting.

The objectives for the WG5 meeting in Oulu, Finland, are

For the document archive, I propose to make more use of text files. For example, the list of all documents is now available only as text. I have now put all the versions (text, PostScript, PDF, ...) of each document in the same directory, so that you can see at a glance which are provided.

John Reid
JKR Associates
24 Oxford Road, Benson, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 6LX

Details of current Fortran standardization activities can be found in WG5's own World Wide Web pages.

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