Fortran Specialist Group Chairman's Report 1999-2000

There are a number of reasons why I have not presented my report before now. These reasons are almost entirely due to personal circumstances which are not relevant here.

I again have to report that our planned Fortran Forum did not take place. I still feel this is an important event and that the FSG should be the major sponsor. I am sorry I was not able to make it happen.

I feel my contribution to the FSG has not been successful during the last three years of increasing use of the Internet and of the World-Wide-Web. I can only apologise for the lack of communication from the 'top'. However, on an administrative level, I have attended most of the Technical Board (TB) meetings over the last three years. At the beginning some significant changes in the roles and funding of Specialist Groups (SG) were proposed and, in the end most have been rejected. On balance, I feel the current situation with SG has strengthened the position of FSG within the BCS. We are still financially sound, we have maintained our membership numbers, and we play a very active role in the National and International standards work on Fortran.

Each of my reports in the last three years has included details of meetings, projects and other good works the BCS does which sometimes are not communicated to members. I apologise for any that may have been of interest and were missed. Below is the current 'crop' :-

  1. BCS Review & Directory 2000
  2. BCS Technical Expert "Brainstorming" - IS Technology Developments
  3. BCS Industry Structure Model release 3.2
  4. "Creating Sparks" Festival, London - 6th to 30th September 2000

I retire as Chair of the FSG with a feeling of disappointment over what I might have achieved with adequate support from my employer. Even though the Blacknest Group now has a new employer I feel it is unlikely I would get the sort of support that the Chair's job requires. In spite of my lack of action I feel the FSG is in reasonable shape and will continue to function as envisaged by our predecessors who started the Group in 1970.

I have to thank David Muxworthy for not only being Secretary but also taking on the job of Treasurer for the past year.

John Young
10th May 2000

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