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Web Editor's Report 2004 - 2005

For a change this session has not seen any major changes in either the layout or hosting arrangements for the Group's pages on the Web. Since the move to our own domain,, I am now able to update the pages myself without going through BCS HQ.

I updated our site with the information from last year's AGM in June and at the end of 2004 I began adding pages for this year's AGM and for the UK requirements meeting which was held in March. Between February and April I was kept busy with updates relating to the Requirements meeting and the subsequent e-mail discussions. I still want to do some reorgnising of the information to reflect the outcome of the UK discussions as well as that of the WG5 meeting held earlier this month.

After a good start with putting access statistics for our pages on the site in 2003 and early 2004 I have found that pressures of other activities have stopped me from keeping the statistics pages up to date. I still receive a set of files each month from Susannah Rodgers at HQ but I have not reformatted them and put them on our site since August last year. This means I have not yet replaced "unique" with "once" in the description of visitors to the site as we discussed at last year's AGM.

At the end of September I was asked to be a judge in the annual BCS SG website competition. I agreed as this would mean that the Fortran SG site would be included in the competition together with nine other SG sites. The eventual winner, announced at the October 2004 SG Assembly, was the Project Management SG's website, at I am sorry to say that our site was not among the runners up, which were Formal Aspects of Computing Science, at, and Nursing, at

This year I have been looking into converting our most recent pages to conform to the W3C XHTML 1.1 standard and to make greater use of Cascading Style Sheets to improve the accessibility of our pages. I have done a number of "offline" tests but not changed any of the "live" files. I have also been looking into using Server Side Includes to reduce the amount of duplicated information on our pages.

We currently have over 300 files on the server and that will increase once again when I put the information from this meeting on the site.

Peter Crouch
1st June 2005

Valid XHTML 1.0! Comments on this or any other of the Group's pages should be sent by e-mail to the BCS FSG Web Editor, Peter Crouch.

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