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Parameterized modules, BITS and other features
that may or may not be included in the revision of
Fortran 2003

David Muxworthy, BSI Fortran Convenor
Table of contents (HTML files)
Parameterized modules, BITS and other features Source form
F2003+ Revision Schedule Types and declarations
For further detail Execution control
Severity Levels - Editorial Expressions and assignment
Severity Levels - Technical (1) Input/Output
Severity Levels - Technical (2) Generic resolution
Summary of decisions on requirements at May 2005 WG5 meeting Argument association
Two large "Do if time" items Intrinsic procedures
Parameterized modules Arithmetic
Parameterized modules examples Interoperability
BITS Items not to be pursued
BITS operations Outcome of items by country which proposed them
BITS Input/Output Outcome of items by J3 classification of its own submissions
BITS Intrinsic Functions
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It is still possible to propose requirements or amendements for consideration by WG5 at its next meeting in February 2006. The deadline for submissions to the BSI Fortran Panel via its Convenor David Muxworthy is Friday 16 December 2005.

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