At the AGM the honorary officers of the group are required to report on any interesting things which they did last year.

For several years, the BCS Fortran Specialist Group has moved away from quarterly meetings and moved into using the web for information. The home page under the BCS Fortran Specialist Group links to information on WG5 and other Fortran standards activities. You can navigate and obtain the latest on Fortran on-line. This has replaced the written material which used to be circulated to our members in the past. Many thanks to Peter Crouch for maintaining the files and also doing the tracking.

This year we sponsored part of the international ISO WG5 Fortran standards meeting held at BSI, from 30 July to 3 August 2001. This was a very successful event and those who attended the FSG reception had a great time. After this even I have published an article on Fortran 2000 in HPCwire and Primeur, a US and a European on-line magazines focusing on High Performance Computing.

As ISO WG5 convenor John Reid has to attend WG5 meetings in various places outside the UK. The FSG whenever possible provides John with a small contribution to his expenses for his valuable work on Fortran 2000. For details see the Treasurer's report.

This year we have applied for funding from the SG development fund to support UK input to Fortran 2000 by sending people to the two WG5 meetings during 2003. The decision on this would not be known until later this year.

The afternoon session of the AGM has presentations looking forward to future development of both the language definition and language implementation.

14.00 "Progress on development of Fortran 2000 with emphasis on interoperating with C"
  John Reid, WG5 convenor
14.30 "Fortran 95 for the .NET Framework"
  David Bailey, Salford Software.
16.00 Close

The AGM meeting is nothing if it not used as a brainstorming forum where ideas are discussed and agreed so that a programme for future activities is developed. I hope that you will come to this important meeting and put forward your ideas. If you cannot attend the AGM please communicate your ideas, (suggestions) to the Chairman or any committee officer. This would ensure the relevance and usefulness of the Fortran group.

As I am stepping down a big thank you all for your support during my tenure as Chair. Your support and loyalty to the Fortran Group in the forthcoming year is crucial if the group is to survive and continue its good work.

Christopher Lazou,
2nd May 2002

Chris wrote two articles last year which related to Fortran and High Performance Computing:-

"Fortran 2000 evolves to meet challenge of large scale numeric applications" was published in the subscription based US HPCwire online magazine and in the September 2001 issue of Primeur, a European online HPC magazine.

"Beyond the limits" was published in the November 2001 issue of The Computer Bulletin.