Minutes of the BCS Fortran Specialist Group AGM 1994

The 1994 Annual General Meeting of the BCS Fortran Specialist Group was held at 7 Mansfield Mews, London, at 11.00am on 11th July 1994.

1.Apologies: Lawrie Schonfelder; Tom Lake; Les Russell; Miles Ellis.
2.Present: L.M. Delves, David Muxworthy, Chris Lazou, Tim Bartles, John Young, Peter Crouch, Martin Harman.
3.Minutes of the previous meeting: Were accepted as a true record.
4.Matters arising:None
5.Chairman's address: is appended. The year was very satisfactory.
6.Election of Officers: No nominations for Chairman have been received.
Chris Lazou was re-elected unopposed.
(nominated T. Bartles, seconded J. Young).
John Young was unable to remain as vice-chairman.
A note of thanks was given for his past services.
The post remains vacant.
Secretary: This post has been vacant for two years.
Nominated: L.M. Delves (P. Crouch, seconded D. Muxworthy)
Elected unopposed. To act also as Vice-Chairman when necessary.
Treasurer: E. Golton was re-elected unopposed.

The meeting closed, and business moved to the Fortran Forum "Towards Fortran 2000". Fifteen delegates attended this.

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