BCS Fortran Specialist Group Meeting

The next meeting of the British Computer Society's Fortran

Specialist Group will be held on Thursday 23rd November 1993

from 10.30am to 4.30pm, at 7 Mansfield Mews (behind 13

Mansfield Street, W1M 0BP.

The morning will consist of a presentation by Cray Research on

their Fortran 90 & High Performance Fortran.  Cray Research will

also describe their new Massively Parallel Machine, the Cray


Please bring this notice to the attention of your colleagues

likely to be interested. The meeting is open to anyone wishing

to attend. We particularly welcome newcomers to the Fortran

Specialist Group whether members of BCS or not.

[Click here for the minutes of this meeting.]


10.30am   1.  Welcome coffee and biscuits

11.00am   2.  The Cray High Performance Fortran &

              The Cray Massively Parallel Machine - T3D/MPP.

12.45pm       LUNCH

14.00         BCSFSG BUSINESS

          3.  Apologies of absence

          4.  Minutes of last meeting (16.9.93)

          5.  Matters arising

          6.  BCS and any other Business

          7.  Future Activities

          8.  Informal Discussion

Christopher Lazou, Chair


Tel/Fax: 081 444 3245

[This was the last quarterly meeting of the Fortran Specialist Group before

changing to a pattern of AGMs and special events.]