Minutes of the BCS Fortran Specialist Group meeting

                    held at BCS ex HQ, 23rd November l993.

Present:        Chris Lazou                Chairman HiPerCom Consultants

                John Young                 Deputy Chairman AWE Blacknest

                Beu Ralston                IBM STSS

                Mike Nunn                  CCTA

                Lawrie Schonfelder         Liverpool Univ.

                Miles Ellis                Oxford Univ.

                Roger Keeling              Salford Univ.

                Nick Saville               Consultant

                David Muxworthy            Edinburgh Univ.

                David Harris               Secretary Alpha-Comp Computer

                                                            Services Ltd.

1.0    Apologies for Absence:

                Ted Golton                 Treasurer

2.0    Minutes of Last meeting: [16/09/93]

2.1    Attendies: John Young was present all day.

2.2    Item 4.1, anable should be replaced by enable

2.3    Agenda details of AGH should be removed

3.0     Matters_Arising;

3.1     John Young to plan a full day meeting for March, possibly

        at NAG HQ in Oxford. This meeting to also be held at two

        other centres, possibly Salford and Edinburgh within a

        few days of each other.

        It is proposed to charge for these meetings, £40 for

        members of BCSFG, £50 pounds for non-members and £20 for


        The theme for the day will be F90, experience etc. John

        Young to prepare details for inclusion in the next

        distribution mailing to members.

                Action: John Young

3.2     AGM date: 17th May 1994. (This date has been abandoned see

        Chairman's covering note). The meeting intended to

        finalise our contribution to the WG5 meeting to be held in

        Edinburgh in July 1994 where changes to the F90 standard

        will be discussed. Members should present their views at

        the next meeting and/or in writing to the chairman as soon

        as possible.

                Action: All members

4.0     BCS and other Business

4.1     A Proposal was made to provide financial assistance to

        Alla Gorelik, the official Russian delegate to WG5, to

        attend WG5 meeting in Edinburgh in 1994. Proposer M.

        Ellis, seconded by J. Young. It was agreed nem com that we

        should cover the hotel expenses (maximum £300).

        Miles Ellis will make approaches to other organisations (&

        George Sorros) for assistance with other expenses.

                Action: Miles Ellis

4.2     David Muxworthy presented a paper on the X3J3 meeting held

        on October 4th 1993. It was reported that at the meeting

        of the WG5 committee in July 1993 the X3J3 committee was

        asked to consider points for a minor upgrade of the F90

        standard. Miles Ellis agreed to write a short note for

        members to provide some background information.

                Action: Miles Ellis

4.3     Peter Holland has retired and notified the group that he

        is resigning. Chris will write to him thanking him for his

        long association with FSG and also Ted to remove Peter's

        name from membership list.

                Action: Chris Lazou & Ted Golton.

4.4     The secretary to ask Ted Golton to ensure a flyer is sent

        out to all members asking for their annual membership fee.

                Action: David Harris

[The above minutes were circulated to members in May 1994 with the following
note from the Chairman.  The 1994 AGM, originally proposed for May 17 was held
on July 11 1994.  The WG5 meeting in Edinburgh was held on August 8-12 and not
in July as stated.]

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                                                         4th May 1994

         BCS Fortran Specialist Group

Dear Colleague,

Enclosed are the Minutes of our last meeting. As you can see

from these minutes the BCS Fortran Specialist Group (FSG) is

looking at ways to publicise the nature of Fortran 90 and its

advantages over FORTRAN 77 and other programming languages. We

are also interested in collecting comments on deficiencies and

requirements for the next revision of Fortran planned for 1996.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing difficulties in arranging

these meetings at present. This has caused us to abandon the

traditional AGM date (normally in May) as we need to give six

weeks notice for the AGM. The next AGM will now be held at the

first of the F90 Forums, sometime in July. A separate mailing

with details will be send out as soon as the dates and

locations are finalised.

We are still having difficulties in finding members who have

time to undertake officer functions. David Harris our recent

secretary resigned (because of work pressure) after taking the

minutes once, for the last meeting. We urgently need a new

secretary and active members for the group to remain viable.

There is an important role for the BCSFSG, but the effort is

currently missing. If any member would like to help please come

to the next meeting or contact me at the above address. This is

your committee and would only remain viable and useful with

your participation.

I hope to hear from some of you out there, soon.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher Lazou