The next meeting of the British Computer Society's

Fortran Specialist Group will be held on Thursday, 14th May,

1992 from 10.30am to 4.30pm at The Rugby Club of London, 49

Hallam Street, London. We shall be meeting in the Club Room

of the Rugby Club and Hallam Street is about half-way

between Oxford Circus and Regents Park Underground Stations

and between Portland Place and Great Portland Street behind

the BBC. This meeting will include the Annual General

Meeting which was notified in the previous mailing.

        The morning meeting will be normal business and will

include a report from the X3J3 representative. The after-

noon session will be the AGM provisionally followed by an

informal talk and discussion on past, present, and future


        Please bring this notice to the attention of any col-

leagues likely to be interested: we particularly welcome

newcomers to the Group whether members of BCS or not.

Click here for the minutes of this meeting. Links below
are to specific sections of the minutes.


10.30 am        1.   Welcome; coffee and biscuits

11.00 am        2.   Apologies for absence

                3.   Minutes of the meeting of 28 November 1991

                4.   Matters arising

                5.   Minutes of the meeting of 6 February 1992

                6.   Matters arising

                7.   Report from X3J3 Representative

                8.   The Constitution of the Group

                9.   BCS and any other business

2.00 pm        10.   Annual General Meeting

                     (i)     Chairman's Address

                     (ii)    Treasurer's Report

                     (iii)   Acceptance of Constitution

                     (Dependent on the result of item.8)

                     (iv)    Election of officers for 1992/93

                     (v)     Any other business

3.00 pm        11.   Afternoon Tea

3.30 pm        12.   "Past, Present, and Future Fortran"

                     Informal Talk and Discussion

John Young, Secretary.

Tel: 0734 814111 Ext 6292.