The next meeting of the BCS Fortran Specialist Group

will be held on Thursday, 5 September, 1991 from 11.00am to

4.30pm at Jodrell Bank, near Macclesfield, Cheshire. This

meeting will be more informal than usual giving members who

are not normally able to come to London a chance to meet.

        The morning session starting later than usual will be

normal business but shortened due to a lack of minutes of

the previous meeting which have yet to be written. However,

there will be reports from X3J3 and ISO representatives on

the latest position concerning the Fortran 90 Standard. The

afternoon session will be a talk on the Fortran 90 Standard

and an introduction to the work of Jodrell Bank. Please

note that a light (probably buffet style) lunch will be

available in the visitor centre restaurant.

        Please bring this notice to the attention of any col-

leagues likely to be interested: we particularly welcome

newcomers to the Group whether members of BCS or not.

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11.00 am        1.   Welcome; coffee and biscuits

11.30 am        2.   Apologies for absence

                3.   Reports from X3J3 and ISO Representatives

                4.   BCS and any other business

1.30 pm         5.   "The Fortran 90 Standard"

                     Dr Lawrie Schonfelder

                     University of Liverpool Computer Laboratory

2.30 pm         6.   "Introduction to Jodrell Bank"

                     Dr David Shone and Dr Tom Muxlow

3.30 pm         7.   Optional Tour of Jodrell Bank

John Young, Secretary.

Tel: 0734 814111 Ext 6292.





The Fortran Specialist Group has a new Chairman. After 10

years as Chairman, John Wilson has stepped down and our new

Chairman is Michael Roth. He works at the Winfrith Technol-

ogy Centre and has been involved with Fortran for some time,

particularly with the International Standard. Even though he

has only recently joined the Group, the experience he brings

on matters Fortran are very welcome.


The move of BCS HQ to Swindon has finally taken place over the

weekend of 6th and 7th July. The new telephone number is to

be found at the bottom of the Address List. For personal

callers, the BCS offices are in the Allied Dunbar building

which is directly above the Swindon British Rail station con-

course. BCS is also maintaining a London Office which will be

13 Mansfield Street until the end of October when it will be

moved next door to 11 Mansfield Street. This means that the

next London meeting of the Group will probably be in the new

venue (see next item).


Ex-Secretary Mike Nunn has offered to arrange a Buffet Lunch

at our November meeting which is planned for Thursday, 28th

November, 1991. The proposal is to start at 12.30 with the

buffet and then having our normal afternoon session starting

at 2pm which will probably be on the subject of Fortran 90.

We don't yet know what we are celebrating but I am sure we

will soon find an excuse!

John Young.


Return to : John Young, PE-MOD, Blacknest, Brimpton,

READING, Berks. RG7 4RS.

I am interested in the Buffet Lunch planned for Thursday,

28th November, 1991 starting at 12.30pm.

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