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Instead of an external function a local function is now used. The backward loop has not to be simulated. The conditional statement can be given in a more natural way and the symbol < (less than) has returned from Fortran 0. The specifications have a new appearance. Structured layout is used always and all statement numbers have been removed. The character string is given within apostrophes and the standard formats and standard units are used. Comments can be given on the same line as the statement and comments are now indicated by an exclamation mark !
Implicit specification can (and should) be avoided.

This example is not changed in Fortran 95.

Fortran 95 added some minor improvements to the Fortran 90 standard. Furthermore, as Fortran 90 was such a major revision a number of mistakes were found in the first couple of years after publication. Therefore, it was decided to produce a minor revision of the language in 1995, Fortran 95.

Unlike Fortran 90, Fortran 95 was not a superset; it deleted a small number of so-called obsolescent features. This incompatibility is more theoretical than real however, as all existing Fortran 95 compilers include the deleted features as extensions.

An open source Fortran 95 compiler is now available free of charge from