In contrast to previous years most of my work on the web pages in this session has not revolved around the AGM. In addition to the usual "topping and tailing" of files supplied by David Muxworthy and John Reid, this year I had to convert David Bailey's PowerPoint presentation into HTML pages and graphic files. That was another learning experience!

I found that most of my effort was taken up in preparing the October Forum programme before the event and "converting" the presentations afterwards. I thank all the speakers for their co-operation in making my task as straight forward as possible.

On the statistics front we now have 58 files on the BCS web server, the number having almost doubled since May 2002. They are made up of 47 HTML files, 8 GIF image files, 2 JavaScript files and 1 Adobe Acrobat PDF file. I posted updates following the AGM in May and August. I modified the Forum programme a number of times during September and October and I was able to make the Forum presentations available in mid-November 2002. In late April 2003 this year's AGM agenda was put on the Web and also the minutes of the meeting in 1970 which lead to the formation of the Fortran Specialist Group, both courtesy of David Muxworthy.

Despite my efforts last year we still seem to have some problems with browser compatibility, but I have not had any complaints for a number of months so maybe our visitors are using newer browsers now or have just given up! In the Specialist Groups Publications Awards announced at the SG Assembly in September 2002 our web pages got a mention for showing good BCS branding. The Best Web Site award was won by the Nursing SG.

As in previous years I must thank all of you who have provided me with "raw" material over the last year which did not require a lot of work to make it ready for presentation on the BCS web site.

Peter Crouch
5th May 2003.