HELD AT 7 MANSFIELD MEWS


                                         25 FEBRUARY 1993

Present:        John Young              MOD-PE

                Tim Bartle                Salford Software

                Martin Stanworth  Taywood Engineering Ltd

                Peter Crouch        Inco Engineered Products

                Chris Lazou          HiPerCom Consultants

                Miles Ellis          University of Oxford

                Ted Golton       Rutherford (p.m. only)

                Connie Peake      University of Oxford

1.   Welcome to the meeting

        The Chairman Chris Lazou welcomed everyone to the meeting. There

        were a few new members so Chris Lazou thought it would be a good idea if

        everyone introduced themselves.

        Connie Peake, who is Miles Ellis' P.A., has agreed to take minutes for the

        next two meetings as an experiment. It is hoped that a new Secretary can

        be appointed at the A.G.M. in May.

2.     Apologies for absence

        David Harris - Oxcom Computer Services Ltd

        Dave Vallance and Roger King - Salford Software

        Peter Holland - SSL

        Ted Golton - Rutherford

        Mike Geary - NAG

3.     Minutes of the last meeting (26 November 1992)

        There were some minor corrections:

        -        Ben Roston should read Ben Ralston

        -        Point 5 - last paragraph, last sentence, delete "we are aware of".

        -        It was also agreed not to use abbreviations for Fortran 90.

        Apart from the above the minutes were accepted as a true record.

4.     Matters Arising

        Electronic version of Fortran 90 standard. Following the copy of an

        electronic mail announcement provided by Miles with the minutes of the

        last meeting, Tim Bartle said he would provide details of how to contact

        Walt Brainerd's company (Unicomp Inc) in California, who are providing

        the electronic versions.

        [Full details have been supplied by Miles and are appended to these


        [The appendix is no longer available.]

        Fortran Magazine. Chris Lazou has received a slightly lower estimate

        from BCS HQ for the cost of printing a Newsletter/ Magazine than that

        provided by Miles Ellis. Tim Bartle suggested that commercial vendors

        might be interested in buying a number of copies for distribution to their

        customers. He thought that Salford Software would be interested in this.

        Chris Lazou also suggested possible European distribution through

        National Standards Bodies (AFNOR, DIN, etc.) and/or Professional


        After some further discussion, Miles Ellis offered to present a complete

        proposal for a two year experiment to the AGM on Thursday 20 May,

        including commercial sponsorship. Members could then decide whether

        to do it, or whether to abandon any further discussion of this topic.

                                                                        ACTION: Miles Ellis

5.     Treasurers report

        In the absence of the Treasurer (who arrived later), Chris Lazou reported

        briefly that a membership list has now been sorted out and also that a new

        cheque book had to be issued to the FSG stating on it that it was a charity.

6.     Report from X3J3 Representative - Miles Ellis

        Miles was not present at the last X3J3 meeting. He is awaiting a report on

        email which he will include in these minutes!
        [No such report was included.]

7.     A one day Forum on HPF and Fortran 90

        Chris Lazou asked if anyone would be willing to get involved or help

        organise this Forum, which would be jointly sponsored by the Parallel

        Processing and Fortran SGs. It will be a BCS event probably titled "Fortran

        Directions" and will be held in the autumn. It was suggested that a venue

        outside London be considered, and Peter Crouch offered to ask the

        Birmingham branch if anyone there would be interested to help; he will

        report back to Chris Lazou.

        A general discussion was held with a number of ideas and suggestions

        relating to location and sponsorship. A meeting will be organised to

        discuss the contents of the Forum.

8.     Any other business

        John Young reported that Cambridge Market Intelligence are publishing a

        diary which publishes dates and details of meetings, seminars, confer-

        ences, etc. They charge £10 for a standard entry. Chris Lazou suggested

        that John liaise with CMI to arrange for a free copy which the group will

        then evaluate and then consider whether to have an entry in the second


                                                                        ACTION: John Young

        John Young will forward a copy of the minutes of the last AGM to Miles

        Ellis for distribution with these minutes. He will also forward a list of

        committee members.

        David Harris from Oxcom Computer Services Ltd expressed his interest to

        Mike Nunn, to be secretary to the Fortran Specialist Group. Chris Lazou

        will liaise with Mike Nunn.

                                                                        ACTION: Chris Lazou

        The group was reminded that proposals were required for Officers to serve

        from the next AGM. Chris Lazou indicated that he was willing to

        continue as Chair unless someone else wished to "have a go"; John Young

        made a similar comment as current Vice-Chairman. There were no

        dissenting voices from those present to their continuing in office!

        After some discussion, it was decided not to schedule any meetings after

        the AGM, so that the AGM could decide on future policy. In particular,

        there was some consensus for the view that the Group should, at least for

        the time being, abandon its policy of regular quarterly meetings, with

        business in the morning and a talk or presentation in the afternoon, in

        favour of a more varied programme based around a major presentation

        and/ or a workshop.

        The next meeting is the AGM on Thursday 20 May 1993

The meeting adjourned for lunch just before 1.00 p.m.

Presentation by Ian Reekie (Product Manager, INSTRUMATIC UK Ltd.)

In the afternoon, there was a most interesting presentation on The application of

metrics, methods and tools for software maintenance and re-use, followed by a

demonstration of the McCabe Toolset with both C and Fortran 77 programs.