The next meeting of the BCS Fortran Specialist Group will

be held on Thursday, 26th November, 1992 from 10.30am to 4.30pm

at IBM South Bank, London. IBM's South Bank location is

situated on the South Bank of the Thames, between the National

Theatre and London Weekend Television premises. The nearest

mainline and tube stations are at Waterloo. There are NCP car

parks opposite the building and below the National Theatre.

Would those members intending to attend please send your name

and affiliation to John Young (or Chris Lazou) for registration

with IBM. However, this is not a pre-requisite for attendance

as members will be able to register on the day.

        The morning will be normal business and will include a

report a report from the X3J3 representative. The main item of

the morning will be the discussion paper "The Future of the BCS
>Fortran Specialist Group
" which is included in the mailing as

Appendix B. The afternoon will be in two parts; (a) a talk on

the progress of the adoption of Fortran 90 and the development

of High-performance Fortran by IBM, and (b) a report from Chris

Lazou on the UNICOM Seminar on "Fortran and C in Scientific


        Please bring this notice to the attention of any colleagues

likely to be interested: we particularly welcome newcomers to

the Group whether members of BCS or not.

Click here for the minutes of this meeting. Links below
are to specific sections of the minutes.


10.30 am      1.      Welcome coffee and biscuits

11.00 am      2.      Apologies for absence

              3.      Minutes of the meeting of 3 September 1992

              4.      Matters arising

              5.      Report from X3J3 Representative

              6.      The Future of the Group

              7.      BCS and any other business

2.00 pm       8.      Fortran Development in IBM.

              9.      The "Fortran and C in Scientific Computing" Seminar.

John Young,


Tel: 0734 814111 Ext 6292.





I write this Newsletter in the knowledge that this will be my

last. Hopefully, it will also be the last to be published in

this form as there is a proposal to establish a magazine for

the Group - see item below. I have completed over 4 years as

Secretary and now look forward to making a contribution to the

Group as Vice-Chairman. The Group as a whole has achieved

much in the past years leading up to the Fortran 90 Standard.

I am proud to have been part of a team which has made a

(albeit small) contribution to its successful publication.

I do regret not always being able to meet deadlines or doing

more in the way of publicising the Group's work. However, the

Group is now looking at its role within the Fortran Community

as well as position within the BCS. In summary, I would liked

to have done more as Secretary and to have done better that

which I did.


I have been able to act as Secretary for a further meeting

after my election as Vice-Chairman of the Group. But the

Group really does need a Secretary not only to take the

Minutes of the Meetings but also to deal with BCS HQ, publi-

cise the Group's work, etc. etc. I have been lucky to have

secretarial support for typing the Minutes and, I think, the

job of Secretary would be more difficult without it. Contact

with BCS HQ is much easier now that the move to Swindon has

been settled. So if you would like to contribute to the Group

in this way please contact me or the Chairman, Chris Lazou.


At the last meeting Miles Ellis presented a Discussion Paper

on the future for the Group. The meeting briefly went over

the various points and agreed that it should be distributed to

all members in its present form. Please find this Paper in

the Minutes as Appendix B. Whilst this Paper can be thought

as a 'wish-list' the points raised are serious enough to be

considered by all members. we may not be able to implement all

the suggestions but we have to ensure that the Group will be

around to contribute to the Fortran 2000 Standard. Item 4 in

the Paper is a proposal for a Fortran magazine which, I feel,

should be implemented as soon as practicable. Any improvement

in communications inside and outside the Group has to be an

advantage to our work in Fortran.

John Young. (Tel: 0734 814111, Ext. 6292)