The next meeting of the Group will be held on Thursday 6th October 1988

from 10.30am to 4.30pm at BCS HQ, 13 Mansfield Street, London.

The morning will cover normal business, including discussion of progress with
the Fortran 8x standard. In the afternoon we have two talks on Fortran 77

Please bring this notice to the attention of any colleagues

who may be interested; newcomers to the Group are very welcome.

Click here for the minutes of this meeting. Links below are to specific
sections of the minutes.


10.30 am   1.        Apologies for absence

           2.        Minutes of previous meeting

           3.        Matters arising

           4.        Reports from X3J3 and WG5 representatives

           5.        Extra meetings on Fortran

           6.        BCS business

           7.        Future meetings

2.00 pm    8.        FTN77/386 the PC Fortran Compiler

                     by Dave Vallance, University of Salford

                     Portable Package Framework

                     by Tao Lipinski, NAG