Minutes of AGM held at Birkbeck College, Malet Street

    London, on Monday, 11 April 1983

Present:   W W Flexner        Retired

K Graupner         ICL c/o UKAEA, Culham

S Hilder           Independent

A Lawrence         Datalink

B L Meek           Queen Elizabeth College, London

J D Murchland

D T Muxworthy      Edinburgh University

M Nunn             CCTA

T D Palmer         Computer Ltd

T L van Raalte     MOD

N Taylor           National Computing Centre

D M Vallance       Salford University (Secretary)

J D Wilson         Leicester University (Chairman)

Addresses: Chairman          John Wilson

Computer Laboratory

University of Leicester

Leicester LE1 7RH

          Secretary          Mike Nunn



Apologies were received from Alan Clarke and John Reid.

2.      MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING [7 February 1983]

Section 7 The second sentence should read: "The technical content of

"BSF" would not conflict in any way with the current ANSI Fortran

Standard, ..."

The minutes were approved.


It was noted that there is still a great deal of work needed to make the

ISO and ANSI Graphics Fortran bindings identical.

The Chairman has written to the DOI regarding funding for a certification

scheme for Fortran 77 compilers. The matter is being discussed internally

in the DOI and a reply is expected shortly.


The following officers were elected:

Chairman        :        J D Wilson

Secretary       :        M Nunn

Treasurer       :        T L van Raalte

M Nunn was elected to the Steering Committee.


The Treasurer will write the BCS informing them that the Group has done

all it can in attempting to repay the out of pocket expenses accrued by

Mr Roberts-Jones as a result of the Fortran Forum in 1981. It was the

opinion of the Group that the BCS should be asked to transfer a necessary

amount from the Group's bank account to another account pending a

payment being made to Mr Roberts-Jones.

When this matter has been resolved, the Treasurer will prepare a

provisional balance sheet for the year 1982-83.


Brian Meek clarified on the previous remarks he had made on the above.

The proposed name for the standard is "Method of Specifying Requirements

for Fortran Language Processors". Mr Meek emphasised that any such

standard would embody ANSI X3.9 (1978) and would be a standard way of

specifying what a Fortran Processor (Compiler and Run Time System) should

do. It would be a set of rules for specifying the design/procurement/

testing of a Fortran Processor.

The proposal had been presented at the BSI OIS5 Committee in March where

it received unanimous approval. The feeling of that meeting was that

the standard would ultimately be taken up internationally.

Mr Meek asked for the Fortran Specialist Group's full support for the

proposed standard and that the Group should write a letter to the BSI

OIS-1 Committee noting that the above proposal had been made and that

the Group supported it.

A vote at the meeting rejected this action (For: 4 Against: 5

Abstained: 1).

It was felt by many of those present that Mr Meek could better achieve

his intended purpose by publishing in a reputable journal. It was felt

that, once this was done, his proposal would become a de facto

standard and would be widely read and cited.


Future meetings of the Group have been arranged to fall soon after

meetings of X3J3 so that the membership can receive up-to-date reports

of the proceedings from Drs Reid and/or Schonfelder who are now XJ3

members. The dates for the BCSFSG meetings are as follows:

 6 June 1983

26 September 1983

 5 December 1983

27 February 1984

16 April 1984 (AGM)

A number of suggestions for speakers at these meetings were made by

those present. The Chairman will contact the people mentioned as

soon as possible.                                         Action Chairman

8.        BCS BUSINESS

BCS members have been notified about progress on the Royal Charter.

An extraordinary general meeting will be held on 15 June 1983.

The Chairman has received a summary of the minutes of the 48th meeting

of the Netherlands Fortran Specialists Group.

David Fisher (Leicester University) has sent a letter to DOI requesting

funding for a regular X3J3 delegate and noting that the BCS Fortran

Specialist Group is an obvious point of contact with the UK Fortran


9.        X3J3 PROGRESS

X3J3 has produced a new document, S7, which describes the complete new

language. All further proposals must be made as amendments to S7.

It is planned to take a vote on the draft standard in May 1985.

Core and modules has been replaced by a revised architecture. Obsolete

features, such as ASSIGN, cannot now be dropped without a notice period

of one revision of the standard. The architecture can be represented


        MODULE 1   MODULE 2    ....       MODULE N

          |           |

          |           |    


     |   USE STATEMENT      |


     |           |          |

     | OBSOLETE  |          |

     | FEATURES  |  CORE    |

     | MODULE    |          |

     |           |          |


'Bundles' are a replacement for shared data. A bundle is analogous to

a BLOCK DATA statement. You can define operators either by means of

an internal function or as an operator.

'Event handling' is one of the most critical unresolved items. The

design of event handling has been 'contracted out' to Ewics in Europe.

A proposal will be voted upon at the May X3J3 meeting. X3J3 has insisted

on one of the following when an event handler returns control:

1)        STOP

2)        Continue with the next Fortran statement

3)        Return from program unit to statement following the call


Monday, 6 June 1983, at Birkbeck College, London WC1. In the afternoon,

John Reid (Harwell) will lead a discussion on the Fortran 8X array

processing proposals.