The next meeting of the Fortran Specialist Group will be held at the

Computing Centre, University of Salford, Salford M5 4WT on Monday,

30 November 1981, from 11.15 to 16.00. Please bring this notice to

the attention of any colleagues who might be interested.

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1.                Apologies for absence

2.                Minutes of previous meeting

3.                Matters arising

4.                BCS business

5.                Report on Fortran Forum

6.                X3J3 Business

7.                Any Other Business

Afternoon Session (2.00 p.m.)

Mr D M Vallance will give a talk entitled Portable Fortran 77 Compilers.

There are a number of approaches to portable compilers, many of which do

not lead to a product which is viable. A pragmatic approach will be

described which has been successfully used to implement Fortran 77 on

two major machine ranges.

* * * * * *

The Computing Centre at Salford University is situated on Meadow Road,

which is reached from Piccadilly Station via Lower Broughton Road.

Those travelling by car who require a map of the approach roads to the

Campus should contact Mrs Kaye (061-736-5843 X7395).