The next meeting of the Group will be held on Monday 5th November 1979

from 10:45 to 16:00 at BCS HQ, 13 Mansfield Street, London.

Please bring this notice to the attention of any colleagues

who may be interested; newcomers to the Group are very welcome.

Click here for the minutes of this meeting. Links below
are to specific sections of the minutes.


10:45     1.    Minutes of Previous Meeting

          2.    Administrative Matters

          3.    Report from X3J3 (A. Clarke)

                Discussion on "Fortran Standards and the Revision Cycle"

                by Jeanne Adams

          4.    Report from the ADA Workshop

          5.    Real Time Fortran - Report from PURDUE Workshop

          6.    An Array Tutorial (A. Wilson)

          7.    BCS Business

          8.    Next Meeting