l.   Speakers and panel members dealing with Fortran 77 will include four

members of the American National Standards Institute X3J3 Fortran


MARTIN GREENFIELD, Honeywell Information Systems.

"A History of Fortran Standards Development from the X3J3 Viewpoint"

FRANCES HOLBERTON, U.S. National Bureau of Standards.

JAMES MATHENY, Computer Sciences Corporation.

LOREN MEISSNER, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (X3J3 Secretary, and

Editor of the FOR-WORD Fortran Development Newsletter).

"The Influence of Special User Groups on Future Fortran Development".

2.   Fortran 82 will be discussed by six X3J3 members:

JEANNE ADAMS, U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research

              (X3J3 Chair).

WALTER BRAINERD, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.

"A Core-plus-Modules Approach to the Future Structure of Fortran".

RICHARD GROVE, Digital Equipment Corporation.

"An Enhanced Procedural Interface Mechanism for Extending Fortran".

JOHN LAUER, Colorado Computing Corporation.

ALAN WILSON, International Computers Ltd.

JERROLD WAGENER, State University of New York at Brockport.

"A Unified Approach to Fortran Control Structure Extensions for


3.   Some national views will be presented by:

C. G. F. AMPT, Centrale Directie der PTT (Chairman, Netherlands

                                            Fortran Study Group).

"The Characteristics of the Core".

I. DAHLSTRAND, Lund University.

"A Swedish Viewpoint on Fortran".

D. T. MUXWORTHY, Edinburgh Regional Computing Centre (Chairman


Fortran Forum 78 (London) Agenda

Friday 1 December 1978

 9.30 Registration

10.00 Introduction - P.A.Clarke (Rothamsted Experimental Station)

Fortran Overview and Fortran 77 Chair: David Muxworthy (ERCC)

10.00 History of Fortran Standards Development from the X3J3 Viewpoint

- Martin Greenfield (Honeywell Information Systems).

10.25 Philosophy of the Standards approach to programming languages including

Fortran - Frank Engel (Independent Consultant).

10.45 Panel Session: Martin Greenfield (Chair), Frank Engel, Frances Holberton

(National Bureau of Standards), James Matheny (Computer Sciences

Corporation), Murray Freeman (General Electric Company).

11.15 Coffee

Fortran Developments. Chair: Jeanne Adams (National Centre for

Atmospheric Research).

l1.40 The Fortran Interface to CODASYL database - Richard Signor (General

Electric Company).

12.00 The Influence of Special User Groups on Future Fortran Development

- Loren P.Meissner (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory).

12.30 Panel Session: Jeanne Adams (Chair), Rick Signor, Loren P.Meissner,

Alan Wilson (International Computers Ltd.).

13.00 Lunch.

Fortran 82 Proposals. Chair: Jeanne Adams

14.00 'Core plus modules' approach to the future structure of Fortran

- Walter S.Brainerd (Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory).

14.15 An Enhanced procedural interface mechanism for extending Fortran

- Richard Grove (Digital Equipment Corporation).

14.30 A unified approach to Fortran control structure extensions for looping

- Jerrold L.Wagener (State University of New York at Brockport).

14.45 Panel Session: Jeanne Adams (Chair), Walter S.Brainerd, Richard Grove,

Jerrold L.Wagener, John Lauer (Colorado Computing Centre).

15.15 Tea.

Fortran 82 - Some national views. Chair: Frank Engel

15.40 The Characteristics of the Core - Mr.C.G.F.Ampt (Central Directorie der

PTT, Holland, Chairman Dutch Fortran Study Group).

16.00 British proposals for Fortran 82 - David T.Muxworthy (Edinburgh Regional

Computing Centre, Chairman BSI Fortran WG).

16.15 Some Swedish views on Fortran, I.Dahlstrand (Lund University).

16.30 Panel Session: Frank Engel (Chair), C.G.F.Ampt, David Muxworthy,


17.30 Close.