British Computer Society Fortran Specialist Group

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 14th November 1977 in Lecture Theatre

4.34 Royal School of Mines, Imperial College Computer Centre, Prince Consort

Road, London SW7.

Present:       M Lewis (Chairman)               ECMWF

P A Clark                               Rothamsted Experimental Station

R G Grosvenor                       Honeywell I.S.

D Hill                                    C C A

D J Holmes                            Rolls Royce Ltd (Bristol)

N W James                            ICCC

P N Jenkins                           MOD (PEE(S))

M E Kearsey                          MOD (PEE(S))

P Loftus                                Marconi Elliott Avionic

                                           System Ltd (GEC)

J D Murchland                       University College London

G Newell                               Ferranti Ltd

K Normington                        Lanchester Polytechnic

T L Van Raalte                       MOD (PE) AWRE

J Roberts-Jones                     Liverpool City Council

J D Wilson                             University of Leicester

G L Harding (Secretary)         ICCC

1.       Approval of minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 16th May were approved after various spelling

mistakes had been noted.

2.       Matters arising from the minutes

Two people had been proposed to join the steering committee. They are

J D Wilson and J Roberts-Jones who were approved.

Requests were made for a copy of Richard Ragan's notes from his lecture on

16th May to be incorporated into the minutes (Appendix A).

G Harding reported that the meeting at Datafair 77 (October 5th) had been

very successful and thanked D Muxworthy, P A Clark and M Lewis for their


3.      Activities of other Fortran Groups

3.1     X3J3 committee activities

It was reported that X3J3 were studying how to approach "Fortran 82".

Dr Murchland suggested that there should be research into the require-

ments of a new Fortran and possibly papers written not forgetting

other language structures. It was thought that this group could co-

ordinate suggestions for X3J3. G Harding agreed to receive any

correspondence on this matter.

3.2    Other Fortran group activities

3.2.1 CODASYL Fortran Group

P A Clark reported on two meetings of the group and gave information how

to obtain the report on the "CODASYL Fortran Data Base facility". [Appendix B).

3.2.2 Netherlands Fortran Study Group

G Harding reported on the comment sent by the Netherlands group to X3J3.

Considerable discussion arose over the "SEQUENCE" statement and whether

the collation sequence was a function of the software or hardware.

4.       Working Party reports

There were no working party reports.

5.       Other Fortran activities

5.1  Implementation developments

It was asked if anyone knew ot a Fortran 77 compiler being written for

System 4, ICL 1900 series or any other "end of range" machine. It was

mentioned that the Fortran compiler written at Lanchester Polytechnic

for ICL 1900's had some Fortran 77 facilities. Full details are available

from K Normington of Lanchester Polytechnic.

(Anyone who knows about any Fortran 77 compiler being written for "end of

range" machines is asked to contact G Harding who will make the in-

formation available to the group).

5.2  Fortran Publications

J D Murchland reported on Fortran related papers published in recent


6.       BCS Business

G Harding reported that the November 24th issue of Computing would have

a special report on software. Part of this would consist of an edited

conversion between himself and members of the APL and PL/1 groups.

7.       Any other business

J D Murchland asked it anyone knew of standard Fortran coding conversions.

e.g. special forms of variable names. It was mentioned that the sub-

routine names in the NAG library follow a standard form based on the SHARE


8.       Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on February 6th.


Mr Gordon-Clark gave a talk on the state oF Industrial Fortran.

Appendix A

Status of the Draft Proposed FORTRAN Standard

[This is a detailed (22 page) description of the differences between Fortran 66

and Fortran 77.  It has not been digitized.  For a summary of the major

differences see the minutes of the FSG meeting of 16 May 1977.]

Appendix B



BOX 124



COMMITTEE: CODASYL FORTRAN DATA BASE                  DATE:  June 20, 1977

TO:                   Whom It May Concern                        FROM: Chester M. Smith, Jr.


                                                             CODASYL FORTRAN DBMLC

                                                             214 Computer Building

                                                             University Park, PA



            The Committee is proud to announce that, after almost three years

of working to add a CODASYL-type data base facility to FORTRAN, we have

produced a 135-page document that we believe provides this facility.

            The report has been printed by the Canadian Federal Government and

can be ordered from:

Materiel Data Management Centre

Department of Supply and Services

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

K1A 0S5

The price is $4.00 per copy, including packing and mailing. Remittances, which

must be sent with all orders, may be in either Canadian or U.S. funds and

should be made payable to the Receiver General of Canada. when ordering, please

quote title precisely:


1 lO-GP-2, January, 1977

Your review of this report and any comments you may have will be

greatly appreciated.