Minutes of a meeting held on

Friday, 28 June 1974 at the

Royal Society of Tropical

Hygiene & Medicine, 28

Portland Place, London W1

at 10.30 am.

Present:    Mr E.O. Bodger (Acting Chairman) IBM Systems Aid Centre

Mrs E. Aylmer-Kelly              University of York

Mr B.J. Banes                    Rolls Royce (1971) Ltd

Mr P_D. Bond                     Philips Industries

Mr H.W. Bradly                   CAD Centre, Cambridge

Mr F. Chambers                   Logica Ltd

Mr P.A. Clarke                   Rothamsted Experimental Station

Mr J. Cullen                     B.P.

Dr A.C. Day                      University College, London

D. Ellison                       Manchester R.C.C.

Mr M. Fitzsimmons                Beme Electronics

Mr I.D. Hill                     M.R.C.

Mr J.P. Holland                  Tunnel Cement Ltd

Mr D.J. Maisey                   I.C.L.

Mr W.Y. Milne                    Independent Computer Consultations

Mr D.E. Oldfield                 I.C.L.

Miss M. Spooner                  Computing

Mr T.L. van Raalte               A.W.R.E.

Mr D. Winstanley                 University of Birmingham

Mr D.T. Muxworthy (Secretary)    University of Edinburgh

Apologies   Mr E.H. Shearing (Chairman)      Alcock Shearing & Partners

for Absence: Mr J.S. Gatehouse               I.C.L.

Mr T.D. Palmer                   Compower Ltd

Mr K. St Pier                    G.E.C.


1.    ACTING CHAIRMAN                Mr Bodger chaired the meeting as Mr Shearing

was indisposed.

2.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF         The minutes of the meeting of May 3, 1974

PREVIOUS MEETING               were approved.

3.    MATTERS ARISING FROM           The BCS Standards Committee had indicated

      THE MINUTES                    that it was willing to underwrite the

reproduction in Britain of the draft

American Standard for Fortran to the extent

of E75. It had suggested that only 40

copies be circulated for comment and that

these remain the property of the BCS;

further that a master copy be held in the

ECS library from which would-be purchasers

could obtain a photocopy.

The meeting thought that most of the active

Group members would wish to purchase a copy

and that they would be prepared to pay, say,  ALL

£1.50 to help finance the printing. It was

decided that those members who wished to buy

their own copies, and those who wished to

be put on the circulation list for BCS

copies should inform the Secretary of this

(the address is now: Program Library Unit,

18 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LN;

please do not send any money yet).

It was pointed out that official ANSI

approval had not yet been obtained.

4.    NEW BCS RULES FOR              Mr Bodger summarized a new set of rules for

      SPECIALIST GROUPS              Specialist Groups which were being drafted;

these had been discussed at the most recent

Specialist Group Chairmen's meeting and

substantial changes had been suggested.

The general intention of the rules was to

make the Specialist Groups more active.

One rule which was likely to be adopted was

that each group should have a committee of

at least three people of which at least one

should be a member (small m) of the Society.

The meeting felt that in the rules no

distinction should be made between members

and Members and that more responsibility

should be given to groups, in that relevant

matters related to standards, refereeing,

etc should automatically be referred to


Copies of the next draft will be available

from Messrs Bodger or Muxworthy. Mr Bodger

again asked any group member who wished to     All

serve as vice-chairman of the group to make

himself known to the officers; this applies

also to the office of secretary.

5.    SPECIALIST GROUPS'             Mr Bodger had represented the Fortran Group

      CHAIRMEN'S MEETING             at the last Group Chairmen's meeting: he

reported that a new meetings room was being

built at BCS HQ and that the Specialist

Groups were to have an overhead projector

provided especially for them. Other items

reported included the facts that Eurcomp

made a £5,000 profit for the Society, and

that there had been little progress with

the Society's Science Museum project.

The new series of the Computer Bulletin,

the first edition of which was due out in

September 1974, was expected to have 40

pages per issue, of which 8 would be


6.    ANSI X3J3 MAY MEETING          The minutes of the May meeting of the

ANSI Fortran Committee, X3J3, were not to

hand but Mr Maisey had received a letter

giving details of the main decisions

reached, viz.

1.    A motion to require that the index of

an implicit DO be defined at an END=

or ERR= exit was defeated 9-11.

2.    A motion to prohibit leading zeros on

output when using the Iw code was

approved 20-0.

3.    A motion that blanks produced on

output by the Gw.d code be true

spaces and not skipped characters was


4.    A motion to allow conversion of a

constant in a DATA statement to be of

the same type as the corresponding

variable in the variable list, pro-

vided this was of type integer, real

or double precision was approved 20-1.

5.    A motion to allow the comma between a

constant list and a variable list in

the DATA statement to be optional was

approved 16-5.

6.    A motion to restrict the DO-loop

control variable to be of type

integer was defeated 7-14. (This was

the third time at recent meetings this

motion had been voted on, always with

the same decision).

Mr Maisey also reported that certification

of various sections of FORTREV were

scheduled for the next few X3J3 meetings

and that certification of the complete

document was due at the January 1975

meeting. The most recent FORTREV was

dated 1 May 1974 and a new edition was

expected within a few weeks.

7.    ANSI X3J3 INPUT-OUTPUT         There was a discussion of some of the input-

      PROPOSALS                      output proposals in FORTREV. some members

of the group were unhappy about the defini-

tion of fi1e-names and of direct-access

files, and about the fact that NAMELIST did

not appear in FORTREV. A memorandum was

sent to X3J3 (see Appendix B).

8.    OTHER BUSINESS                 a.    A Group member, Mr D.T. Hall had written

to suggest that the Standard should

include a requirement that compilers be

able to produce listings with line

numbers, cross-reference lists of

variable names and labels, warning

messages for certain logical errors and

so on.

It was pointed out that the Standard

used the term "processor" rather than

"compiler" and although the meeting

agreed with the sentiments of Mr Hall's

letter, previous experience in this area

(of the availability of n in STOP n, and

the difficulties of the Groups's own

Diagnostics working Party) indicated

that there was no point in pursuing this

matter at the moment.

b.    The Society had asked the Group for its

Annual Report; this is shown in

Appendix A.

9.    DATE OF NEXT MEETING                 The next meeting will be held on Friday 6

September 1974 at 10.30 am in the new

Meeting Room, ECS Headquarters, 29 Portland

Place, London W1.

[No record of the meeting of 6 September 1974 has survived. Click here for the
next meeting (8 November 1974) for which records are available.]



1.    The main activity of the Group has continued to be cooperation with the

Fortran committee, X3J3, of the American National Standards Institute

in their drafting of a new standard for Fortran. The draft is expected

to be open for public review early in 1975 and the Group has been making

plans to facilitate the review in the U.K.

2.    The Group has established a liaison with the Fortran committee, TC8, of

the European Computer Manufacturers' Association and it has closely

followed the progress of the British Standards Institute Programming

Language Committee, DPE/13, particularly so far as Fortran is concerned,

for no fewer than four active Group members are also members of DPE/13.

3.    An offer by the Group to check algorithms published in the Computer

Journal for compliance with the Fortran Standard has been accepted.

4.    The Group has continued to be a forum for the discussion of many

matters related to Fortran and it has also taken a positive interest in

relevant areas of the Society's affairs.

5.    There have been five meetings during the year, with an average

attendance of 18; there are about 110 people on the Group's mailing

list. The Chairman during the year was B.H. Shearing and the

Secretary was D.T. Muxworthy.

D.T. Muxworthy


To:         X3J3

From:       British Computer Society Fortran Specialist Group

Subject:    Comments on current proposals

The following matters arose from discussion at the Group meeting on

June 28, 1974.

1.    Leading zeros on output

We have not yet had an opportunity to study the minutes of the X3J3

May meeting but feel that there is a need to be able optionally to

print leading zeros, for example in sums of money on cheques and in

navigational courses. Our proposal for an M format code (/42,G)

would allow this.

2.    Filename (12.2.2)

We are still unhappy that the class of filenames may be null on some

processors. This means that a standard-conforming program using a

filename will not necessarily be transportable and hence the

filename facility is of dubious value.