Minutes of a meeting of the Steering

Committee held on Friday, l4th May,

1971 at B.C.S. Headquarters, 29

Portland Place, London, W.1. at

1.30 p.m.

Present:    Mr. J.S. Gatehouse     (Chairman)

Mr. R.E. Day

Mr. M.J. Garside

Professor P.A. Samet   (for part of the meeting)

Mr. B.H. Shearing

Mr. D.T. Muxworthy     (Secretary)


for absence: Mr. D.H. Marwick


EDINBURGH         Mr. Day distributed a preliminary Balance Sheet for the

WORKSHOP -        Workshop.


GENERAL REPORT    Professor Balfour was to be requested to include in the

general report of the Conference a list of Working

Parties and to indicate that the Working Parties would       DTM

report to a meeting of the Group in the autumn prior to

any publication in the Bulletin.

Messrs. Gatehouse and Muxworthy were to compile an up-

to-date Members list and then to circulate members ask-

ing if they wish to remain on the list. Opportunity will     JSG/DEM

be taken to point out that the general Workshop report

will appear in the Bulletin.

EDINBURGH         All Discussion Group chairmen had now submitted reports,     MJG

WORKSHOP -        except Mr. Garside for the second day. The Secretary

TECHNICAL         was requested to thank Mr. Schofield for his particularly    DTM

REPORT            good report.

Following the mailing list revision, the unedited            RED

Workshop Chairman's Reports would be distributed to

members of the Group.

The unedited reports were also to be sent to Mr. Engler [sic]

(Chairman, ANSI X3J3) with a summary of work in progress     DTM

here and a request for more information on the new ANSI

draft standard.

FUTURE            It was decided that Steering Committee minutes should

PROGRAMME         not be distributed to the Group but that the Committee

should be mindful of the need to keep in touch with

the members.

Diagnostics Working Party: This has one member

besides its Chairman. Professor Samet is to extend           PAS

its membership by invitation.

Mini-computers Working Party: This has eight members.

It should not exclude BASIC and other languages from         MJG

its considerations and its aim should be to publish

proposals in the Bulletin for discussion.

Extensions Working Party: This has nine members. Its

target is to issue a report by the end of the year and       BHS

to have it published in the Bulletin a year after its

previous report.

Free Format Working Party: This was not thought to

have started work. Its Chairman was to be asked to           DTM

consider its terms of reference to see if it might be

worthwhile combining with the Mini-computers Working

Party (which Mr. Garside would welcome).

OTHER BUSINESS    Mr. Day suggested the establishment at B.C.S., H.Q. of

a Group Library, or an index of reference to Fortran         JSG

documents. Mr. Gatehouse was to discuss this with

Mr. Ellis.

DATE OF NEXT      The next Group meeting was provisionally arranged to

MEETING           take place on Thursday, 21st October, 1971 at 10.30 a.m.     JSG