Minutes of a meeting of the Steering

Committee held on Wednesday, 16th

December, 1970, at B.C.S. Headquarters,

29 Portland Place, London, W.1. at

9.30 a.m.

PRESENT:    Mr J.S. Gatehouse  (Chairman)

Mr M.J. Garside

Mr B.H. Shearing

Mr I.A.G. Snowball (representing Dr. I.C. Pyle)

Mr D.T. Muxworthy  (temporary secretary

                   (representing Mrs M.M. Barritt)


Mr H.W. Bradly


As the Workshop is being hosted by the Edinburgh branch of the B.C.S. and

Edinburgh Regional Computing Centre decisions taken at this meeting took

the form of recommendations to the organizers.

Action            It was decided:

DTM/RED 1.1       that the Workshop be announced in the February 197l

Computer Bulletin (and such announcement be linked

with Mr Garside's report - see 2.5 and 2.6 below) and

that Mr Day of E.R.C.C. be asked to submit a draft notice

to the chairman of the Group and of the working parties;

any comments must be returned to Mr Day by 5th January.

DTM/RED 1.2       that announcements must include the subjects of all three

working parties.

DTM/RED 1.3       that publicity material should be sent to Mr Gatehouse for

UKAC and should be circulated to computer manufacturers and

universities, if possible by the middle of January.

DTM/RED l.4       that the number of participants is likely to exceed 30 but

should not be allowed to exceed 200 or 250; and that about

6 rooms to accommodate about 50 people are likely to be needed

for discussion groups

MMB     1.5       that the topics for discussion groups be decided at the

Group meeting on the 12th January and that, in order to

allocate rooms to groups, participants be asked to indicate

their special interests either on application or registration

DTM/RED 1.6       that it would be appropriate to charge a conference fee of

the order of £2 to £5 to cover costs.

DTM/RED 1.7       that the University halls of residence be not used for

accommodation because of the financial guarantee required

by the University.

DTM/RED 1.8       that copies of all letters relating to the Workshop be

sent to Mr Gatehouse.

JSG     1.9       that a general report of the Workshop be published as soon

as possible after the event and a technical report should

be published the following month.



BHS     2.1       The report of the Extensions Working Party was to be

ready on December 17th. Mr Shearing undertook to

send copies to members of the Steering Committee and

of the working party.

JSG     2.2       Mr Gatehouse undertook to produce about 40 more copies

of the report and distribute them to the other members of

the Specialist Group.

MMB/BHS 2.3       The report is to be discussed at the January meeting

of the Group, and, if approved, may then be sent

to ANSI and be published by the BCS.

JSG/BHS 2.4       The possibilities for publication by the BCS, in order

of preference, were thought to be:

1. Computer Journal, February 1971.

2. An insert in the Computer Bulletin, February 1971

   (for which some of the Groups funds could be

   made available)

3. Computer Bulletin, February 1971

Mr Gatehouse was to discuss possibilities with Mr Ellis,

and Mr Shearing with Messrs. Hammersley and Ellis.



MJG     2.5       Mr Garside undertook to produce a report (of about two

pages) for publication in the Computer Bulletin of

February 1971.

JSG     2.6       Mr Gatehouse was to inform Mr Ellis that such a report

would be presented and asked that it be associated with

the announcement for the Workshop.


JSG    2.7        It was thought that a report from this working party

had not yet been written. Mr Gatehouse was to ask

Mr Bradly to present a report to the Group meeting on

the 12th January.


 3.1        Mr Gatehouse reported on correspondence between the Group

and the N.C.C.

 3.2        B.C.S. publication of Fortran algorithms and of Fortran

book reviews is not related with the Group. It was

decided that it was up to the Group to attract such

work to itself.