MINUTES of a MEETING on Tuesday,

17th February, 1970, at B.C,S.

Headquarters, 29 Portland Place,

London, W.1.

PRESENT:        Mr J. S. Gatehouse (Chairman) GEC-EE Ltd.

                Dr A. C. Day                  University College, London

                Mr I. A. G. Snowball          A.E.R.E. Harwell

                Dr I. C. Pyle                 A.E.R.E. Harwell

                Mr D. T. Muxworthy            Edinburgh Regional Computing Centre

                Mr W. I. McMillan             GEC-AEI (Electronics) Ltd.

                Mr. A. Philbin                National Computing Centre Ltd.

                Mrs E. Laidler                National Computing Centre Ltd.

                Dr R. H. Gooding              R.A.E., Farnborough

                Mr L. I. Brown                National Cash Register Co. Ltd.

                Mr J. P. Holland              Tunnel Cement Ltd.

                Mrs B. Swann                  AEI Turbine Generators Ltd.

                Mr A. J. Payne                Univac

                Mr D. J. Braybrooke           Scientific Data Systems Inc.

                Mr K. Normington              Computing Laboratory, Bradford University

                Mr A. D. Johnson              Ministry of Technology

                Mr B. H. Shearing             Alcock, Shearing & Partners

                Mr. H. W. Bradly (Assistant   GEC Power Engineering Ltd.



FOR ABSENCE:    Mrs M.M. Barritt (Secretary)  Edinburgh Regional Computing Centre

                Mr D. T. O'Leary              Computer Systems & Programming Ltd., London

APPROVAL OF Minutes of meeting held on 6th January, 1970, were approved.


MATTERS     There were no matters arising not separately referred to below.


REPORTS ON  (a) Contact with Professor S. Gill


 The Chairman had made contact with Professor Gill and the Group would

work within the rules of Specialist Groups. Any official statements

must come from the Technical Board. It was hoped that the Group may

help to form a FORTRAN Sub-Committee of the B.C.S. Standards


            (b) Contact with the B.S.I.

 The Chairman had received. a draft document on FORTRAN from I.S.O.

which appeared to be a rewrite of the ASI standard but with the

introduction of an intermediate level between BASIC and FORTRAN.  The

B.C.S. Group was informed that any liaison with American work in this

field should be made through Mr D. Hamilton of the ASI Committee X3.

            (c) Contribution to B.C.S. Bulletin

 The tabled paper (which had been slightly amended by the Chairman)

had been forwarded for publication.

 The Chairman's action was confirmed.

PROGRAMME OF (a) ASI Standard now and what is wrong.

ACTIVITIES       (Interim Report by Dr I. C. Pyle)

 Dr Pyle read a draft of his Report which proposed two amendments

to the standard.

The Report would be distributed by Dr Pyle.                                Action

                                                                                       Dr Pyle

            (b) Comparison of existing Compilers

                (Interim Report by Mr B. H. Shearing and Mr D. T. Muxworthy)

 The Chairman congratulated the team on their Report and because of

its size it was agreed that the introduction and sample page would

be available free, but for anyone wanting the full Report, it would

cost 25/-.

 It was also agreed that copies of the Report would be sent to the

manufacturers commented on in the Report.

 Any comments were asked to be sent to Mr Shearing.

                (c) Extensions to FORTRAN

                   (Interim Report by Mr J. S. Gatehouse)

 This Report was presented and it was requested that comments be sent

to Mr Gatehouse.

 It was agreed that these three Reports, together with any comments

received, would be used as a basis for Working Parties to be set up

at the April Meeting.

 It was also agreed that the main effort would be concentrated on full

FORTRAN but lower levels would be tackled by other Working Parties if the

effort was provided.

NEXT MEETING  The next meeting had been fixed for Tuesday, 7th April 1970 at

            B.C.S. Headquarters at 10.45 a.m.